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About company


   Companies SIA "Monte" main business are producing interior door kits and selling them in Latvian market and export to other countries (Lithuania and Estonia), company began production of doors in year 2003.
  SIA "Monte" door kits are produced from HDF, MDF. Are made door kits, which include: MDF door leaf and specially processed - laminated MDF frame, lock 2014 or 2018, glass, glass frame, plastic montage buttons and packing.
  SIA "Monte" door kits are popular as a construction material in wholesale and retail. Doors are a part of many Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian buildings.
   Also our company began to make solid wood doors in year 2011 and veneered doors 2014.
   Mostly companies production is developed through the building material retail sale companies.

Download MDF/HDF interior door specification

Download Wooden interior door specification

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